Bass Coast 2016

This is a reprise of my Bass Coast 2016 set. I played on Saturday night at 9pm-10pm on SlayBay before the likes of Max Ulis and Aden (MachineDrum). My set occured as the sun was setting behind the Merrit hills and I tailored it to fall in line with the diminishing sun light and the onset of an amazing evening of music, art and dancing. The first half of the set is a chiller house vibe and near the mid point I jack things up with some heavier tunes.



This is a re-creation of my LivingRoom set Thursday night at the Shambhala. This years festival was super duper friendzone, big smiles, amazing sets from ALL the homies, great weather, refreshing river, prime camp spot with the Nelson fam and I didn't really want to go home afterwards.



This is a re-creation of my set from What the Festival 2015  just outside of Portland, Oregon. My set was early afternoon at the Splash Stage, so I keep the vibe mellow and fun: some feel-good house tunes while you are dancing in the pool. The response on this mix has been crazy. 25k and counting. :)